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  EZTwain Pro 4: [FAQ] [Downloads] EZTwain Pro Trial License Expired Scanners, Brands, Recommendations
  EZTwain Pro 3.0: [FAQ] [Downloads] Atalasoft Support Portal What is: STI, WIA, TWAIN?
  Twister: TWAIN driver analyzer Do you support WTS or Citrix?
  Collecting a diagnostic log Choosing Scanning Parameters



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Step 2. Use the Atalasoft Support Portal or contact Atalasoft Sales

To provide support, we need to know:  
  When contacting Atalasoft please indicate this is regarding EZTwain and provide the version of the product you are using.  
    What you were trying to do - especially the action or code that failed - function call(s), arguments, etc.  
How does the result differ from what you expected? What did you observe about the failure?  
    If the problem happens when our product is running, please submit a log file.