Dosadi and EZTwain Acquired by Atalasoft, Inc.

On January 1st, 2011, I joined Atalasoft, Inc. as a Senior Software Architect in their DotImage group, and transferred ownership of the websites and, and all of Dosadi's rights in EZTwain, EZTwainX and Acquire to Atalasoft.

I realize this will be something of a shock to our customers and our friends on the web; I apologize for that.

This is, in fact, a better outcome than I had ever imagined. I was reaching my limit after running a one-person company for a decade; Atalasoft is an outstanding company with deep expertise in imaging and document scanning toolkits, and they have made a strong commitment to continuing and supporting EZTwain. They are the only toolkit vendor I would have considered selling to.

So - I'm still here, still in the TWAIN and imaging business, and I'll still be the backstop for support on EZTwain, EZTwainX and Acquire. I think you'll like the new owners. I'm incredibly excited to be working for them - you could not find a smarter or nicer bunch of people, in Western Massachusetts or anywhere else.


EZTwain Pro will continue to be sold and supported by Atalasoft.

EZTwainX and Acquire will be supported but new licenses will not be sold.


I have posted more details here, and will send out an e-mail to all existing customers this weekend - assuming we have a valid e-mail on file for you!

Existing customers: I recommend you open an account in the Atalasoft support portal so they know you're there.


Spike McLarty
Founder & Chief Technical Sherpa, Dosadi