EZTwain Pro 3.0 - Overview

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Note: As of March 1, 2011, this version of EZTwain is no longer for sale.
We are now selling licenses for EZTwain Pro 4, which is technically very similar but has new pricing and licensing terms.

For .NET support, see our DotTwain and DotImage SDKs.

  • Ready-to-use declaration file for your programming language. Full list
  • Works with all TWAIN scanners.
  • Create a working prototype in minutes, impress clients, coworkers and managers.
    Our Code Wizard generates basic scan code in your programming language.
  • Reads and writes JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, multipage TIFF.
  • Writes PDF, PDF/A and encrypted PDF. (Can read its own PDFs, but not others.)
  • Blank page detect/discard, crop, rotate, deskew, resize, resample, convert, invert....
  • Code 3-of-9 barcodes built-in. For other formats can bridge to 3rd party barcode engines.
  • Recognize text and write searchable PDFs with the outstanding Transym OCR engine (separate license required).
  • Dead simple deployment: Copy our DLLs to the target machine. Works on Win95 through Win7, x86 and x64.
release version & date download notes
stable 3.43.03 2010.05.05


download toolkittoolkit Latest stable version, has passed several months of beta testing.
Existing licensees only: All updates within the 3.x series are free.
beta 3.49.01 2011.02.13


download toolkittoolkit
download x64 toolkitx64 add-on
new: OCR_SetEnginePath
Support for Inspirant barcode engine.
64-bit version as an add-on.
alpha 3.98.46 2014.12.15


download toolkitbase toolkit
download x64 toolkitx64 add-on
changes: Quite a lot (3+ years worth) see the History.txt file for the details.