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    vendor: Xerox

    Atalasoft is not affiliated with this manufacturer.

    website: www.xeroxscanners.com
    comments: Under a licensing agreement announced 2003.08.26, Visioneer and Xerox now sell scanners under the Xerox Documate brand that are designed and built by Visioneer, and have Visioneer TWAIN drivers.
    Series/Model Comments/Recommendation
    Documate Series  
    Documate 510 Similar to Visioneer 9450 - not recommended.
    Documate 520 Similar to Visioneer 9750 - not recommended.
    Documate 632 Similar to Visioneer Patriot 680 - insufficient data.
    Documate 250 Visioneer Strobe XP-450 - recommended.
    Documate 252 Upgraded Documate 250 - tentatively recommended.
    Documate 262 as above.
    Documate 272 as above.
    Documate 152 Similar to Visioneer Patriot 430? Insufficient data: If you have one of these, we would like to talk to you!
    WorkCentre Series  
    numerous models Wide variety of devices, some with unusual TWAIN architecture. Recommend contacting us before committing to use.
    2500 OneTouch (UK) Similar to Visioneer OneTouch 9000 - not recommended.
    issues: See our Visioneer page for TWAIN issues on the models mentioned above.
    features: Various. Contact us or see our Twister Reports database.