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vendor: Visioneer

Atalasoft is not affiliated with this manufacturer.

website: www.visioneer.com
comments: [Updated 2009.05.22]

We recommend avoiding the Visioneer flatbeds such as the OneTouch 8100 & 7100, the single-sheet feeders like the Strobe XP-200, and combination flatbed+ADF models like the 9450. Nothing against them in other capacities, we just don't like them for automated scanning applications using TWAIN - too many driver bugs and/or mechanical problems.

The ADF-only document scanners, on the other hand, we like. The Strobe XP-450 and its cousins, and the Patriot 480 and similar Documate 262i are solid scanners despite the occasional TWAIN bug.

Xerox markets a line of scanners under the DocuMate brand - These scanners are designed and built by Visioneer, and have Visioneer TWAIN drivers.

devices: Strobe series - XP 100, XP 200 , XP 450
OneTouch 4800, 5600, 8700, 9320, 9020, 7100USB...
Models with ADF: XP 450, 8650, 9450, 9650i, 9650, 9750PDF,
Patriot 430, 470, 480, 680, 780.
Under the Xerox brand: Xerox DocuMate 152, 250, 252, 510, 520
issues: OneTouch 4800: Severe TWAIN issue - native transfer does not work.
Strobe XP-200: Severe TWAIN issue -In No-UI mode, feeder runs backward. It's a wreck.
9450: Ignores CAP_FEEDERENABLED, feeds from ADF if possible, otherwise scans bed. Many capabilities return invalid values.
8650: CAP_FEEDERENABLED does not work.
These problems are probably not confined to these specific models.
We have unconfirmed reports of fatal errors under some circumstances, using EZTwain Pro with some Visioneer models.
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