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vendor: Canon (Canon Inc)

Atalasoft is not affiliated with this manufacturer.

website: www.canon.com
comments: Canon is one of our preferred TWAIN vendors. The CanoScan flatbeds are unremarkable, but the DR series of office scanners are solidly built workhorses with top-notch TWAIN drivers, a pleasure to work with. Canon has been responsive to developer inquiries.
Series/Model Comments/Recommendation
DR-family Excellent scanners with a very solid common TWAIN driver. 
DR-1210C Canon DR-1210C page combo flatbed + 35 page/12 ppm ADF. Uses a flourescent lamp instead of LEDs for light source, so requires warm-up, unlike e.g. 2050C, 2510C, etc.
DR-2010C Canon DR-2010C page space-saving 40ipm duplex upright
DR-2080C discontinued desktop ADF scanner. more...
DR-2050C Canon DR-2050C page compact upright color duplex document scanner. Replaces 2080C. More...
DR-2510C Canon DR-2510C page space-saving 50ipm duplex upright.
DR-2580C Canon DR-2580C page speedy, versatile document scanner with optional flatbed attachment. More...
DR-3020 (discontinued) 200 DPI B&W ADF model, SCSI-only.
DR-3080C 100 page ADF, duplexing 43 ppm departmental scanner. SCSI-only. More...
DR-5010C Canon DR-5010C page hard cards up to 11x17" ADF, 50 ppm, duplex, USB2 & SCSI.
DR-7580  Canon DR-7580 page 500 page ADF, 75 ppm, duplex, USB2 & SCSI.
DR-7080C  Canon DR-7080C page flatbed + 100 page ADF. 70 ppm, USB2 & SCSI. Canon page.
DR-9080C  Canon DR-9080C page 500 page ADF, 90 ppm B&W, 50 ppm Color, duplex. Canon page.
DR-X10C  Canon DR-X10C page 120 ppm color (240 ipm duplex) rated 60K pages/day. Canon page.
CR-series check scanners

CR-55, CR-180

Seem to work well with Dosadi TWAIN tools, but we have not confirmed ability to retrieve MICR data. Contact us.

LiDE 25, 35, 60, 70, 500F, 600F,...
3000F, 3200F, 5000F, 8000F...

Effective and reliable flatbed scanners. For specialized scanning applications, we somewhat prefer Epson flatbeds.
ImageRunner (IR)  

numerous models.

Networkable copier/printer/scanner units. Generally good TWAIN support although Network ScanGear driver has some quirks including the Borland Issue.
FS film scanners  
multiple Insufficient data - contact Dosadi before adopting.
issues: Network ScanGear may cause problem with Borland applications
(ScanGear TWAIN driver is commonly used with the IR-series)
features: Please direct specific inquiries to: support@dosadi.comsend e-mail
Note on CanoScan 3000F (may apply to other CanoScan models) - Lamp warm up is ~19s, lamp turns on when device is opened, turns off after ~10min