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vendor: Epson

Atalasoft is not affiliated with this manufacturer.

website: www.epson.com
comments: Generally, we like Epson scanners and find their TWAIN support to be diligent.
devices: Perfection V100, V350
Perfection 1660 (Photo)
, 2480* Photo
Expression 836XL
GT-12000, GT-7000, 636, PhotoPC 700
issues: See comments per device above.
features: Epson does a good job of sharing the same TWAIN driver among many scanner models, so their TWAIN support is highly consistent. They also do a good job of supporting automatic scanning, including control of the scan resolution, pixel type, and scan region. These factors make Epson our recommended brand for flatbed scanners, barring special requirements.

The 1660 exposes different scanning parameters through TWAIN than it presents in its user interface, somewhat limiting its desirability for automated scanning. The Perfection 1660 has the quickest 'seek' we've seen, for moving to and scanning a small area on the scan bed.