EZTwain Pro 4.0 - Licensing - Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the terms of the EZTwain Pro 4 license? EZTwain Pro 4 License Agreement (PDF)PDF file
Your order pages are on a different domain - why is that?
From whom, precisely, am I buying EZTwain Pro?
Can you send me a W9 for our Vendor Database?

Atalasoft has kept the eztwain.com and dosadi.com domains, but you are purchasing from Atalasoft, Inc., and so the order page is on atalasoft.com.

Contact Atalasoft Sales to obtain a W9.

How can I get a proforma invoice? Contact Atalasoft Sales.
Can I buy with a Purchase Order?

This may be possible, please contact Atalasoft Sales.

Can I buy from a local reseller? No, our reseller program has been discontinued.
I placed an order but have not received my serial number/license key/download link/etc. We use an automatic order-processing system that sends your license and numeric key to you by e-mail. It is not unusual for these e-mails to be lost in transit, often due to spam-filters. Contact Atalasoft Sales to re-send your license e-mail and key.
I received my license key - How do I download the full version? You already have it - the 'trial' version of EZTwain Pro is the full version.
Just follow the instructions in your grant-of-license email.
Visit this page to download the EZTwain Pro 4 SDK.
What if my question isn't answered here? We're happy to help, just Contact Us 1.866.568.0129