Customer Comments

Your product is great. It's easy to implement, well documented and supported. Something less tangible, but important to me, was your attitude about sharing your knowledge and expertise. I really appreciated being able to utilize the Classic (free) version for my experimentation, before I tried the Pro version.

- Sue C. [2010.01.22]

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the EZTwain Pro 3 software. It does 'exactly what it says on the tin' The code wizard and the documentation have been well put together and made implementing a document scanning system into my HR application a breeze."

- David Kelly, Director of IT, QHotels Ltd

"So far, so good. Your library is outstanding. Far more than just twain. I am hoping that it will work with some of the more difficult scanners out there, especially the Canons and Xerox."

- Howard B. [2009.12.16]

Bob Cresswell of Cresswell Systems talks about document management using EZTwain with Microsoft Access, at the UK Access User Group National Seminar. [2009.11]
"We have used EzTwain Pro in a mission critical healthcare setting for several years, and have to say that it has never failed us once and left nothing to be desired. This is a great product and the support is top notch. We are thrilled it's part of our Electronic Medical Records program."
- Abdiel Marin
EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems, Inc.
"I've been using the alpha release in production now for nearly two weeks without a single flaw. Our billing department loves the stamps - it's helped find discrepancies much quicker than without them. Two big huge thumbs up to you, sir."

- Pete B., re EZTwainX

"I have to say that I really like your software. I'm picky as a developer and especially when it comes to third party software. EZTwain has been a pleasure to work with so far. No merge modules to work with, no complicated function calls and there's a huge amount of functions available. And the Twister and Twirl apps are very helpful. And local as well. I'm really pleased so far. I get a good feeling working with your company and your product and that rarely happens. So, I think I'm good!"

- Sam S. [2009.07.10]

"Kudos to you and the gang over there. I am very happy with your product. We've been using EZTwain for the past 4 years in our application. Almost every county department uses the app to import photos, or scan documents... Keep up the good work."

-T. K. [2009.04.20]

"Still love your EZTwain product, it is fantastic! Have nearly zero problems."

- C. B.

"I’d like to extend my thanks to Spike in technical support. I’ve called support a few times and Spike has always been extremely helpful and able to provide a solution to my issues very quickly.
Thank you for fantastic tech. support and a terrific product!"
Georgio Caponera
MIS Director, AVP
American River International, Ltd.
"I will tell you that this is probably one of the best DLLs I have ever seen. You have made it very easy to use. I've been developing since 1988 and have come across a number of 3rd party utilities with limited documentation, screwy methods, bugs, etc. It is obvious that you guys took your time, thought through all the angles and possibilities, and made this work well. I read much of the user manual last night, and it is the best piece of documentation from a third-party vendor that I have ever seen. ... the next time I see someone post a question about what scanning library to use, I will recommend EZTwain hands-down. This is an outstanding piece of work."

-Kevin G, Developer/Contractor

"I was very impressed at how easy it was to implement. Added the appropriate DECLARE statements, then just making the calls from a method on the form. Worked like a charm. You have saved me a lot of time."

- Jay J., FoxPro Developer

“I have to say that though your product was far from the cheapest around it was fabulously easy to get up and running with a brand new scanning feature for our internal admin system - the 'win' is having the mini-project ready to try out then plagiarize (in our case VB5/6) - took me 5 minutes, but my colleagues think I've added an amazing new capability.”

- David D. on EZTwain Pro

"Thanks. Awesome product by the way. I was needing something to save pdfs from the scanner without any heavy lifting on my part since it was going to be a small part of our overall application and your Acquire product fits perfectly at a good price."

-D. Jones on Acquire.exe

"Excellent product. My client had purchased a very expensive batch processing scanner for their network. When I showed them that I was able to connect each transaction to a scan and save the results directly to the database, they were wondering why on earth did they ever spend the kind of money they did on the Network scanner. Thanks, you helped me make a tremendous impression on a very important client."

- Juan V [using EZTwainX]

"... the code wizard feature is AWESOME!"

- Steven M [VB6 developer]

"I had done a lot of work using LeadTools using VC++ - but they were really hard to use in Clarion. Your tools were easy to prototype and easy to code -- rock solid!"

- Kevin E [Clarion developer]

"i have been using your EZTWAIN api for about 8 months, it works great."

- Brad T [VB developer]

"EZTwain is killer! ... I never imagined that I would be doing something like this, in 'dBASE'???"

- John C [dBase developer]

"Your instructions and User Guide are very well documented and have been easy to use. ... I did lots of research and found your EZTwain Pro software to be one of the best out there. I am truly pleased with how your software works."

- Danny C., EZTwain VB.NET developer

"Your code is great....... I wish that I had found it before I went through the pains of writing something from scratch without much knowledge of this arcane TWAIN stuff....Thanks again for the sample code, its well written and easy to use."

- Pat O., CTwain C++ developer

"By the way... What a fantastic piece of code EZTwain is. Thanks so much for supporting the VB community."

- J. Gilliam, VB developer

"Great success with your Open/Save functions!!! I have now completely removed all GDI+ functionality! Much faster and file sizes are tiny. Thank you so much for your help. A true life saver!"

- Zach B., EZTwain VB developer

"Can I just say at this point that it is great dealing with you. If only all companies were as good to work with..."

- Chris M., UK, EZTwain VB developer

"I have been working with the EZTwain tool kit for the past few days. It did a great job of letting me integrate the scanning process into my program. The operators will no longer need to deal with the HP scanner software, save the resulting file, then invoke my program to read and process the file. Basically it makes like easier for my users, which makes like easier for me."

- K.K.

"I am just delighted with your software. Thanks a million."

- Deborah K, USA [EZTwain VB6 developer]

"I downloaded EZTwain3 and ran the diagnostic tests you suggested. It is very SLICK!"

- M. Taylor, USA [EZTwain developer]

"I program in Allegro Common Lisp, and I've spent many painful days trying to get third-party tools to work correctly.  When I had to add scanning support to an application, I skimmed the TWAIN specification, fumbled with a few toolkits, and considered fleeing the country.  But EZTWAIN was quicker, cheaper, and much more effective.  After about an hour of reading and coding, I was able to scan and save multiple pages from a document feeder.  The library is well-designed, the documentation and source code are clear, and the support is top-notch.  This product took the pain out of TWAIN and made me look like a productivity god!"

- Mark L

"We downloaded and tried the free EZTWAIN for use with Visual Foxpro and followed the example on your website. Very Impressed!"

- C. D. [VFP developer]

"Have you looked around Dosadi's site? They also have a package (under Products) called CTwain, which is a library with source for use in building TWAIN apps. ... They also have a support dept. which, going by my one intereaction with them, seems very knowledgable, efficient and flexible. A rarity these days."

- from the Perl Monks bulletin board

"...our application really just uses the core functionality of EZTwain. The bit we like about it is that it's solid and apparently supports every TWAIN device in the known universe... we haven't thought of uses for all its neat high-end features. "

- Steve R, Earth

"Thank you for writing EZTwain. I am finding it very useful after a bad experience with Kodak Imaging Professional (the purchased version) not being able to control an HP scanner."

- Brad D, USA [Access VB developer]

"After purchasing EZTwain Pro I can compliment you on this great product. I have achieved a fully automated scan solution (Windows Service) in a minimum of time."

- Erwin N, Netherlands [EZTwain Delphi developer]

"You guys rock."

- K P [EZTwain VB developer]

"I used Acquire seamlesly for 2 years and never had a problem, only a hardware fault has caused me problems - what a great piece of software!"

- R L W [Acquire user, UK]