EZTwain Pro 4.0 - Supported Programming Languages

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EZTwain Pro allows scanning and image processing from any language that can call Windows-API style functions. Below is a partial list of languages known to work with EZTwain Pro. 'Wizard' refers to the Code Wizard included in the developer toolkit, which can generate ready-to-run EZTwain Pro code in the languages noted below.

Language Wizard Toolkit Support
Access (VBA) Yes Declaration file: eztwain.bas + sample MDB project.
AccuCobol No

None - several customers report successful use. EZTwain Pro includes several alternative functions to compensate for no floating-point parameters in AccuCobol.
See Tech Note.

Alpha Five No Declaration file: eztwain
Borland C++ Builder (BCB) No Declaration file: eztwain.h + BCB-compatible Eztwain3.lib. Special note
C (MSVC) Yes Declaration file: eztwain.h, sample code available on request.
C# Yes Declaration file: eztwain.cs + sample program.
C++ Yes Declaration file: eztwain.h
Clarion Yes Declaration file and small sample program.
CommonLisp No None - one very happy customer.
dBASE (dBASE+, VDB) No Declaration file: eztwain.h Contact us to request a sample application.
Delphi Yes Module file: EZTwain.pas + small sample program. Special note
4D No None - customer reports successful use.
Java No Declaration file: eztwain.java (experimental binding using JNA)
LabVIEW No Declaration file: eztwain.h Several customers have used successfully. See Tech Note
LotusScript Yes Declaration file: eztwain.lss
Oracle Forms No None - customers have used both Oracle FFI and webutils_c_api
Perl No Declaration file: eztwain.pl + small sample script. See Tech Note
PowerBASIC No Declaration file: eztwain.inc
PowerBuilder/PowerScript Yes Declaration file: eztwain.txt
Python No Declaration file: eztwain.py
Progress 4GL Yes Declaration file: eztwain.i
RealBasic No None - customer reports successful use.
VB.NET Yes Declaration file: eztwain.vb + small sample program.
Visual Basic (VB5, VB6, VB7, VBA) Yes Declaration file: eztwain.bas + small sample program.
Visual C++ (MSVC++) Yes Declaration file: eztwain.h + extensive sample programs available on request.
Visual FoxPro (VFP) Yes Declaration file: EZTWAIN.PRG. See Controlling TWAIN devices from within VFP by Mike Lewis.
WinDEV Yes No declaration file, but the Code Wizard codes in English or en français.