EZTwain Classic - Overview

This package contains the Eztw32.dll (32-bit Windows only) that provides very easy access to basic TWAIN services from your application. This is the original "Easy TWAIN Library" widely referenced on the Web. Dosadi does not provide any formal support for EZTwain Classic.

If you need JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, DCX, or PDF support, multipage scanning, advanced control of scanner features, image post-processing, or other features not found in EZTwain Classic, please consider our EZTwain Pro product.

EZTwain Classic FAQ

Designed to be called from almost any language that can invoke functions in DLLs, including C, C++, Clarion, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, Access Basic, LabView, and others.
Full source code is included, with project files that should work in Microsoft Visual C++ 5 or 6.
A Microsoft Visual C sample program is provided.
A single call is all that is needed to acquire one image, in memory as a bitmap or as a BMP file on disk.

Download Current release: eztw1.zip (~190KB) Version 1.19 Updated 2009.02.22.

Recent Changes
Possibility to do duplex and multipage scanning, by calling low-level functions.
Declaration files for Access (VBA), Clarion, C#, dBASE, Delphi, LotusScript, Perl, PowerBASIC, PowerBuilder, Progress4GL, VB, VB.NET and VFP.

Getting Images from Scanners and Webcams using Visual Basic 2005 by Alessandro Del Sole
Utilizzare periferiche di acquisizione da codice Visual Basic. Dalla versione 6 alla 2005)
CPAN Win32::Scanner::EZTWAIN - An interface to the classic EZTWAIN library (perl)
Operating TWAIN Scanners through TCL and EZTWAIN

Licensing: Dosadi places EZTwain Classic in the public domain, and makes no claim or warranty of any kind regarding this software. If you use this package, you assume all responsibility for the results or lack thereof.