EZTwain Classic - Support

Atalasoft does not offer support for EZTwain Classic.

Note that the package includes full source code, in Microsoft Visual C.

If you have questions about TWAIN, the TWAIN Working Group www.twain.org is the place to start.

EZTwain Classic has been widely used and adapted, and there are 'bindings' to it from many languages. The latest package includes declaration files for a number of popular languages, generated by our in-house header translation tool. We do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of those declaration files. If you are working with EZTwain Classic the web has many resources: Try googling for 'Eztwain' and your language/development platform/scanner.

Licensing, redistribution, giving credit, etc: EZTwain Classic is completely free and unrestricted, and has been placed in the public domain. We appreciate links from other websites to this one: If possible please mention that we provide tools and libraries for scanning, imaging and document management.