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vendor: Panasonic

Atalasoft is not affiliated with this manufacturer.

website: www.panasonic.com
comments: Makes an extensive line of workgroup and departmental document scanners.
Official webpage for Panasonic Office Scanners
Device driver page (English) (last time we checked)

11-June-2007 Dosadi has established a relationship with Panasonic to gain access to specialized TWAIN technical documentation and support for their scanners.

devices: KV- S2065W, S6055W, S7065C, S2065L, S6050W, S2025C, S2026C, S2046C, ... etc.
issues: On KV-S2046C, customer reports brightness can vary widely between front and back sides of page using default settings. Problem is corrected if you set "white level" in UI or using custom capability (below) to From Paper or Automatic.
features: Custom capabilities:
0x8207 controls the 'White Level' feature on the KV-S2046C: UINT16, 0=White Stick, 1=From Paper, 2=Automatic.