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vendor: Kodak

Atalasoft is not affiliated with this manufacturer.

website: www.kodak.com or Kodak Document Imaging
comments: Kodak has one of the strongest commitments to TWAIN of any scanner vendor. However, because different product families have their own TWAIN development, it is not possible to make blanket generalizations about features or compatibility across the Kodak line. Contact us (support@dosadi.com) if you are interested in using a Kodak scanner in a project.
Workgroup Models Departmental Models
i1120Kodak i1120 page i50, i60 details+comments
i30Kodak i30 page and i40Kodak i40 pagegood stuff i80good stuff details+comments twister report
i1210/i1220 i150/i160
i55/i65 i250/i260good stuff/i280
  i1410/i1420/i1440good stuff

good stuff successfully used with Dosadi products.

issues: See Technote on Kodak scanners and TWAIN.
Some models cannot scan single pages: Once started, they scan all pages in the feeder. Also, some Kodak models cannot detect paper in the document feeder.
features: varies widely by family.