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vendor: Fujitsu

Atalasoft is not affiliated with this manufacturer.

website: www.fujitsu.com

Fujitsu: TWAIN Driver Downloads


Dosadi is proud to be an ISV member of One Capture Alliance, the imaging partner program from Fujitsu Computer Products of America (FCPA). We have access to specialized technical contacts and documentation, and we regularly obtain different models of Fujitsu scanners for detailed hands-on evaluation and compatibility testing.

We recommend all Fujitsu fi-series scanners for use with Dosadi scanning software, except as noted below.

Bulletin: Windows Vista support for Fujitsu document scanners
Fujitsu Imaging Products Group Announces Windows Vista Support For Its Document Scanner Line.
model comments
  For older and discontinued models, click here.
fi-4340C Fujitsu fi-4340C page Combo 100-page ADF + flatbed. Optional imprinter.
fi-5015C Fujitsu fi-5015C page 15 ppm simplex flatbed w/ADF lid. Do not adopt without thorough testing.
fi-5110C Fujitsu fi-5110C page Color duplex ADF scanner, 50 page ADF, 30ipm, USB2. A Dosadi favorite - comments. Also favorable user comments on newegg
fi-5120C Fujitsu fi-5120C page Color workgroup duplex scanner, 1000 pages/day. Similar to 5110C but can scan 'hard cards' such as drivers licenses and insurance cards. additional notes.
fi-5530C2 Fujitsu fi-5530C2 page duplex, 100 page ADF, 100ipm, 3000 pages/day.
fi-5650C Fujitsu fi-5650C page sheet-fed duplex 114 ipm, 8000 pages/day
fi-5750C Fujitsu fi-5750C page flatbed swivel scanner with duplexing 200 page ADF, 114ipm. Customer thumbs-up.
fi-5900C Fujitsu fi-5900C page sheet-fed production scanner, 240ipm 300DPI color.
fi-6230 Fujitsu fi-6230 page Combo ADF+flatbed, 50 page ADF. 60ipm 300DPI color. VRS Professional included.
fi-6670 Fujitsu fi-6670 page color duplex sheet-fed scanner, up to 180ipm. VRS 4.2 included.
fi-6770 Fujitsu fi-6770 page color duplex document scanner, up to 180ipm. VRS 4.2 included.
fi-60F Fujitsu fi-60F page 5.83" x 4.13" document scanner. 1 second scan at 200DPI.
ScanSnap S510 Not supported - no TWAIN driver.

issues: The fi-4120 family apparently default the paper size to the size used in the previous session and won't scan a region outside the current paper size: So, if you are scanning a region, best to set the paper size first.
feature comments
CAP 0x8032 Custom capability: Selects front/back sides during simplex scanning. Set to 0 for front side scanning, 2 for back side. Select simplex mode first.
CAP_FEEDERORDER CAP_FEEDERORDER is (mis)used by Fujitsu to represent front/back side selection in simplex scanning mode. Values: TWFO_FIRSTPAGEFIRST = scan front sides
TWFO_LASTPAGEFIRST = scan back sides.
Since this is non-compliant with the TWAIN standard, we recommend using custom capability 0x8032 instead.

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