Atalasoft Acquisition: Privacy Questions

Credit card information and similar sensitive financial information

If you purchased a Dosadi product, the sale was handled by either Regsoft or Plimus and only those companies had access to your credit card information. Dosadi did not receive, store, or share any such sensitive financial information.

Sales Records, Customer Names & Addresses, License Keys

If you purchased a product from Dosadi, Dosadi stored the basic transaction data, including:

These transaction recrods have been shared with Atalasoft.

Please be assured that Atalasoft has no intention of sharing this information with any other party. This information will be used to provide continuing support to licensees, and perhaps for a little gentle 'upsell' i.e. offers related to other Atalasoft products and services.

Emails and Forum Posts

Dosadi considers your email sent to or to be highly confidential, so the Dosadi email archive has not been shared with Atalasoft. Dosadi will hold your email in trust: If you contact Atalasoft or Dosadi and give explicit permission, we will share your past emails to Dosadi with Atalasoft. Private messages sent to Dosadi through the forum are treated the same as email to

Posts in the public part of our forums are considered as being published on the Internet: There is no expectation of privacy there. We expect to keep the forums available indefinitely, although they will probably be made read-only later this year as the emphasis shifts to the Atalasoft forums.   Update 2015.04.30:  The old Dosadi forums will be taken offline today or tomorrow. We may republish any or all of the previously public content at some future date.