Atalasoft Acquisition: Other Products & Services

What will happen to Dosadi's other (non-core) products and services in the acquisition by Atalasoft?

First, Atalasoft purchased only EZTwain Pro, EZTwainX, Acquire and EZTwain Classic (to the extent that Dosadi owned it), associated intellectual property, plus our website ( and alternate domain name, Dosadi LLC continues to exist as a separate business entity, and retains ownership of all of its other intellectual property.

However, lacking its core products and domain/website, Dosadi LLC will probably be terminated as a business entity sometime later in 2011.


For a long time, Dosadi has offered some small products as free downloads or for a nominal fee for commercial use, including GenDS, Twister, PDF Insight, and the Generic Video DataSource. We expect to keep these products available on for the near term, and (possibly) continue to accept license purchases on behalf of Dosadi LLC. Longer term, these products will probably be abandoned or open-sourced.

You should not expect upgrades or non-trivial support for any of these products.

TWAIN 64-to-32 Bridge

We expect to commercialize the TWAIN 64-to-32 Bridge separately from either Atalasoft or Dosadi, with a new beta version planned in March.


Dosadi LLC occasionally developed custom TWAIN applications and TWAIN drivers under contract. This is not an area of interest for Atalasoft, and will probably not be continued under the Dosadi name either.

Past and potential customers for such services should contact Spike McLarty directly.