Atalasoft Acquisition: Potential Customers/Evaluators

If You Are Currently Evaluating

If you are currently evaluating or developing with EZTwain Pro, EZTwainX or Acquire, but have not yet purchased a license, please review your situation carefully.

EZTwain Pro will continue to be sold (Universal License only) and supported for the foreseeable future.

EZTwain Pro pricing and support terms will change on March 1st - 2011.03.01.

EZTwainX and Acquire will be undergoing minimal future development, if any, and support may be less responsive than it is now.

Order Discontinued Licenses by Feb 28

If you still want to buy a license that is being discontinued, you must place the order by February 28th - no exceptions.

We will shut down the order forms for the discontinued products and licenses at that time.

We have removed the links to order forms for discontinued licenses, but the order forms remain active: Contact for assistance.