Twirl TWAIN Probe

Twirl is a 'Visible TWAIN' for developers: It provides full interactive control of the TWAIN API, making it easy to explore the capabilities of a device and to experiment with operations. Twirl is indispensable if you are learning TWAIN, evaluating a device, or developing a TWAIN DataSource.


Browse all of the capabilities of a TWAIN DataSource. Capabilities and their values are displayed using the symbolic names defined by the TWAIN standard. Convenient controls allow setting and resetting capabilities, also symbolically where applicable.

The TWAIN state is displayed graphically and you can initiate all state transitions.

Transferred images can be displayed with their palettes, header information and other properties, and saved as BMP, TIFF, or JPEG files.

If you are debugging a Datasource using Twirl as the application, exceptions inside the Datasource are automatically passed along to the debugger.

Twirl latest version installer - approximately 1.6MB
This is the full version, provided free by Atalasoft.

It is built using our EZTwain Pro library.