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vendor: Kofax

Atalasoft is not affiliated with this manufacturer.

website: www.kofax.com

Kofax does not sell imaging devices, but they do sell a document scanning application called Capio and a virtual TWAIN driver called VRS or Virtual ReScan. The VRS driver provides many advanced image processing features to improve the quality of images before they reach the application. To quote Kofax: "It's like having a quality control team review every document as it is scanned."

The best scanned documents we have ever seen were produced by a combination of a Fujitsu fi-series with the VRS driver.

A number of vendors bundle the VRS driver with some of their scanners, or offer it as an option.
devices: VRS (Virtual ReScan)
issues: With default settings, when the scanner runs out of paper, VRS detects this and, if configured, displays a message box prompting the user to either load more paper or end the scan job:
VRS out-of-paper dialog
This setting can be changed: "With any program (either TWAIN or one of our demo programs) select the VRS source. When the VRS icon is displayed in the System Tray, right click on it and select the Admin Utility option. In the Administration Utility dialog select the Errors tab. Set the Out of Paper to "Return Error". Click Save. Changing this is global to all users on the PC."

VRS 3.5 does not support CAP_FEEDERLOADED, so applications that poll this capability will not work correctly.

features: no details available.