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vendor: Hewlett Packard (HP)

Atalasoft is not affiliated with this manufacturer.

website: www.hp.com

HP TWAIN scanning products have been marred by inconsistent hardware quality and a patchwork of drivers. One of our customers described HP TWAIN drivers as "whimsical." There are indications that HP has made a new committment to high-quality TWAIN support, and we are cautiously optimistic that this will eventually result in better drivers and better experience in the field.

For now, while our software does work reasonably well with most HP models, we reluctantly recommend avoiding HP scanners for automated scanning applications.

[last update 2009.05.22]


model comments
Scanjet 5000 2009.05.22: Under evaluation, contact us if you are interested.
Scanjet N6010 We almost like this model, but we had trouble getting consistent paper feed, and the driver crashes when invoked from .NET apps.
Scanjet 2400 One customer reports satisfactory scanning with EZTwain Pro
Scanjet 5300C, 7400C Appear to be Avision-built, not recommended for automated scanning.
Scanjet 5590 (w/ADF) An exceptionally bad scanner. Comments.
Scanjet 5590P (flatbed) thinks it has an ADF. See 5590 above.
Scanjet 6100C + DeskScan II Cannot set frame to scan.
Scanjet 6200C/6250C SCSI-2/USB
Scanjet 8250 Bad news. Comments.
LaserJet 1220 Reports 'operation cancelled' after scanning one page.
LaserJet 2840 Customer reports satisfactory scanning with EZTwain Pro.
Laserjet 3380/3390 Customer reports satisfactory scanning with EZTwain Pro. "The only problem I have had is with the printer giving up on scans > 15 pages on occasion."
OfficeJet V40SE Comments. Not bad, especially for multifunction - but discontinued.
OfficeJet Pro 1170 Cxi Ignores scan region in No-UI mode.
OfficeJet 6100 series Comments.
PSC 750,950 AIO Comments.
issues: Numerous. When used from TWAIN, HP devices show amazing variation between models, and even between drivers. Nearly every HP TWAIN driver we have tested has had some severe problem or outright bug. Don't assume anything will work the way you expect - plan to verify each model, and each driver version.
features: See the scanner table or contact Dosadi support.