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vendor: Fujitsu - Retired/Discontinued Models

Atalasoft is not affiliated with this manufacturer.

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model comments
M3097, M3099, M4097, M4099 The 'M' series, venerable, durable workhorses of the scanner world.
Only the M4099D is currently in production.
fi-4010CU Looks like a Visioneer 9650. Scary! (why?)
fi-4120C (discontinued, see fi-5120C) We like it - more comments
fi-4220C (discontinued, see fi-5220C) Our comments.
fi-4530C (discontinued, see fi-5530) Workgroup/desktop scanner, 100 sheet ADF, up to 47 pages/min.
EZTwain Pro customer comment: "What we did decide to use -- and it has had FANTASTIC results is the Fujitsu 4530 with Software VRS."
fi-4860C (discontinued) 63 pages/min, 500 page ADF, 10000 pages/day.
fi-4990C (discontinued, see fi-5900C) Production scanner, up to 90 pages/min, 250/500/1000 page ADF, 15000 pages/day.
fi-5220C (discontinued, see fi-6230) Combo ADF+flatbed, 50 page ADF. Our comments.
fi-5530C (discontinued, see fi-5530C2) 47 pages/min, duplex, 100 page ADF, 3000 pages/day
fi-5650C 8000 pages/day, 57 pages/min.
fi-5750C Favorable comments from customer, ADF and duplex work well.
fi-5900C Production scanner, 120 pages/min.
ScanSnap S500 (discontinued) Not supported - no TWAIN driver.
ScanSnap fi-5110EOXM (discontinued) Not supported - no TWAIN driver.
ScanSnap fi-4110EOX2 (discontinued) Not supported - no TWAIN driver. Mixed reviews on Amazon.

issues: The fi-4120 family apparently default the paper size to the size used in the previous session and won't scan a region outside the current paper size: So, if you are scanning a region, best to set the paper size first.
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