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vendor: Dage Technologies / Dage-MTI

Atalasoft is not affiliated with this manufacturer.

website: www.dagemti.com
comments: One customer has reported successful (16-bit) image acquisition using EZTwain, with the following code sequence:

TWAIN_SetPixelType(TWPT_GRAY)          ' select for grayscale images
TWAIN_SetBitDepth(16)                  ' select 16 bit/sample
TWAIN_SetXferMech(XFERMECH_MEMORY)     ' use memory transfer, necessary for 16-bit/sample images
TWAIN_AcquireToFilename(0, "my.tif")   ' acquire

devices: Dagexcel - XLV, XL16, XLM - IEEE 1394 (Firewire) camera.
issues: Does not report 16 as a supported bit-depth, but accepts it when set. Transfers 16 bit/sample images via Memory transfer mode.
features: Unknown, other than 12-bit precision A/D and 16-bit/sample image support.