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vendor: Agfa (Agfa-Gevaert N.V.)

Atalasoft is not affiliated with this manufacturer.

website: www.agfa.com
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devices: High Performance Document Scanners: ADMIS S series (31, 35C, 41, 51, 61) vendor page
Professional Scanners: StudioStar, StudioScan, StudioScan II. StudioScan IIsi.

Note: The following product lines were discontinued in 2001:
Digital cameras: ePhoto, ActionCam, StudioCam.
DTP Scanners: SnapScan 600, 1212U, 1236S, 1236U, e10, e20, e25, e26, e40, e42, e50, e52.
Arcus, Arcus II, Arcus 1200, Horizon Ultra, Duoscan, Duoscan F40, T1200, T2000XL, T2500, HiD.
Common TWAIN driver is called FotoLook, latest version we have encountered: FotoLook 3.6
issues: We have a reported incompatibility with the Agfa Arcus II and Agfa Duoscan (so possibly with the FotoLook 3.6 TWAIN driver).
features: unknown.