EZTwain Pro - TWAIN from Delphi™

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Precise control of TWAIN scanning and image capture for Delphi programmers. EZTwain Pro 3 includes a complete Delphi interface unit (eztwain.pas) translated automatically from the eztwain.h C/C++ header file. See the EZTwain Pro product page, or download the developer kit and look in the Delphi sub-folder.

Our Code Wizard (part of the EZTwain toolkit) now generates Delphi code. For example, if you tell the Code Wizard you want to scan all the pages in a document feeder at 300 DPI in black & white, simplex (front side only), and write them into a single PDF file, here is the code it generates:

var fileName: array [0..260] of Char;
    fileName := 'c:\multipage.pdf';
    if TWAIN_OpenDefaultSource()=1 then
        TWAIN_AcquireMultipageFile(self.Handle, fileName)
        TWAIN_ReportLastError('Unable to scan.')

If you wish to redistribute the EZTwain Pro DLLs with an application, or within an organization, see the EZTwain Pro Licensing Page.

Please contact Dosadi technical support if you encounter any problems using EZTwain Pro 3 from Delphi. We are committed to resolving such problems promptly.