Resources - What resources are available for working with PDF files?

Dosadi products such as EZTwain Pro and Acquire support creation of single-page and multi-page PDF files from images, but have a limited ability to load, combine, or otherwise manipulate PDF files. There is also very limited control over the formatting and content of our PDF output.

For more advanced manipulation of PDF files, in particular for combining multiple PDF files into one, we recommend the very affordable SedTech QuickPDF product. Our customers report good results using it with Dosadi-generated PDFs.

One customer is currently evaluating the Gnostice ActiveX/PDF toolkit - too soon to tell about the robustness of the component, but their technical support people were very responsive when we contacted them.

For viewing and printing PDFs only - no editing or manipulation - there is the Foxit Software free PDF Reader, and the Foxit PDF Reader SDK.

The BMW of PDF libraries seems to be the full-featured high-performance PDFlib by PDFlib GmbH.

For automated conversion of scanned documents to PDF, including OCR of the text, there is AdLib Express by AdLib Software .
Adobe Acrobat (not the Acrobat Reader) can scan to PDF, including OCR of the scanned text.

For PDF creation, there is also Michael Still's free (GPL/LGPL) Panda PDF Generator.