EZTwain Pro 3.0 - OCR / ICR Resources

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No current Dosadi product provides built-in OCR i.e. of reading the text in a scanned image. However EZTwain Pro (3.20 or later) can interoperate with the Transym TOCR product, and so this ability is inherited by both EZTwainX and Acquire. When combined with the TOCR software, EZTwain Pro provides a convenient OCR SDK with strong scanning features - hiding the complex TOCR interface and making it accessible from a wide variety of programming languages.

Below is a list of OCR engines packaged for developers.

Product Vendor Comments Reviews
AdLib Express Adlib Software Automated conversion of scanned documents to PDF  
Adobe Acrobat Adobe (not the Acrobat Reader) can scan to PDF, including OCR of the scanned text.  
BizCardReader OCR CardReader Inc. omnifont, callable from VB, OEM licensing available
I.R.I.S. Toolkit iDRS IRIS    
iREAD Forms Charactell    
OCR module LeadTools One of the oldest imaging component vendors. Option for PDF output.  
OmniPage Capture ScanSoft    
SimpleOCR The Scan Store   PC Magazine 2004
Transym OCR Transym 40USD/machine - English only, or European. Recommended by Dosadi, directly supported by all Dosadi scanning tools.
Tesseract free open-source Open-Source project sponsored by Google.