EZTwain Pro - Static Link Library

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As of version 3.09b10, the EZTwain Pro toolkit includes a static-link library of EZTwain (EZT3MT.lib) compiled with MSVC 6.

Two things to note:

1. This library contains only the code of Eztwain3.dll - it does not include any of the optional DLLs such as EZTiff, EZJpeg, EZPdf, EZPng, EZGif, EZDcx, or EZSymbol. Those must still be distributed with your application or module if you use their services. See the EZTwain_User_Guide.pdf for dependency details. If you have a need to eliminate all the DLLs from your distribution or install, we suggest using a tool like MoleBox.

2. This library is built with the 'Multi-Threaded' configuration. We urge you to switch to Multi-Threaded configuration if you link to this library, as EZTwain Pro will almost certainly make use of multiple threads in a future release.