EZTwain Pro 3.0 - What Support does Atalasoft Provide?

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Summary: Generally any problem that is or could potentially be related to EZTwain, we work to identify and resolve. See our Product Support page for more details.

Documentation, Education & Coding: We are proud of our User Guide PDF, included in the EZTwain Pro Toolkit. There are code samples included in the EZTwain toolkit, in the User Guide, and on our website. Also in the toolkit is a Code Wizard that can write your EZTwain code for you in many popular programming languages, by asking questions about the task to be accomplished. We are willing to create new code samples for topics of general interest. We cannot write code for free, but are happy to quote for TWAIN-related programming.

Device Issues: We are familiar with a many popular scanning and imaging devices. We have engineering contacts at a number of major TWAIN vendors. Some device vendors are non-responsive to TWAIN developers: For those vendors, we can arm you with supporting data and some key words (like "ISO 9002"), and have you approach them as their customer.

Diagnostic Tools: The EZTwain Pro developer kit includes a number of useful tools for developers. Twister, Twirl and EZTCheck each provide a different kind of automated testing and analysis. DosadiLog captures real-time diagnostic logging from any Dosadi product.

Updates & Upgrades: Once you purchase a license for EZTwain Pro 3.x, you are entitled to all subsequent releases within the 3.x version family, at no charge. These newer versions are released on our website approximately 3-4 times per year, sometimes we do small (".01") version steps at shorter intervals. A license key purchased for EZTwain Pro 3 will work with any later 3.x release. If and when we step to an EZTwain Pro 4, we will offer an upgrade path for a fraction (usually 25%) of the full price.