EZTwain Pro 3.0 - Using from Microsoft Visual C++

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Here's the easy way to get things working:

1. In Project - Settings select Settings For: All Configurations; On the C/C++ tab , select Category: Preprocessor; Add the EZTwain \vc folder to Additional include directories (comma-separated).

2. Use #include "eztwain.h" in the module(s) that will invoke EZTwain.

2. Add Eztwain3.lib to your project using Project - Add To Project - Files: Browse to the Eztwain \release folder, select Files of type: Libraries (.lib); select Eztwain3.lib. When you OK, it will appear in the Files of your project, in the left-hand FileView panel.

3. Compile, link and run: Your executable should load the Eztwain3.dll that was installed in the Windows System32 folder by the EZTwain Pro Developer Kit.

Note: This makes your project and workspace dependent on the external Eztwain directory. If you prefer to keep all source files inside the project tree, just copy the EZTwain.h and .lib files into your project folders before adding them to the project as above.