EZTwain Pro 3.0 - Using from .NET™

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EZTwain Pro 3 includes wrapper classes in VB.NET and C#, translated automatically from the eztwain.h C/C++ header file. See the EZTwain Pro product page, or download the developer kit and look in the VB.NET and CSharp sub-folders.

EZTwain Pro 3 installs its DLLs into the Windows System folder, so it should be sufficient to add the wrapper class to your project and make calls to the EZTwain functions. No further action should be necessary.

In Visual Studio .NET, add EZTwain to your project using Project - add item: Go to the EZTwain toolkit folder (usually \Program Files\EZTwain), go to the sub-folder for your language: CSharp or VB.NET, add the declaration file you find there.

We strongly recommend starting with a call to one of EZTwain's basic functions such as EZTwain.Testing123 or EZTwain.AcquireToFilename. Verify that this one function call works, then gradually add additional calls one-by-one as needed, to reach the desired behavior. We designed EZTwain to be used in exactly this way.

If you wish to redistribute the EZTwain Pro DLLs with an application, or within an organization, see the EZTwain Pro Licensing Page.

For ClickOnce deployment, it sounds like Microsoft's Bootstrapper is the tool to use - we haven't tried this yet, but would be happy to support a customer wishing to install EZTwain Pro as part of a ClickOnce deployment.

Please contact Technical Support if you encounter any problems using EZTwain Pro 3 from .NET. We are committed to resolving such problems promptly.