EZTwain Pro 3.0 - Diagnostic Logging

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Our favorite tool is the diagnostic log, which all of our products can generate.

If you are using EZTwain Pro 3.20b20 or later:

Capture a log in real-time with our DosadiLog program. Look for the red skull iconDosadiLog icon in Start - Programs - EZTwain.

Better yet, download and install DosadiLog from here:

http://www.dosadi.com/pub/alpha/dosadilog/setup.exedownload toolkit

  1. Start DosadiLog and leave it open & running.
  2. Start your application.
  3. Recreate the problem. Logging information should appear in the DosadiLog main window.
  4. Using the File menu in DosadiLog, save the log to a text file and e-mail it to Technical Support: support@eztwain.com

Older versions of EZTwain: In your code, add the following call:

(Your programming language syntax may be different.)

That function call causes all subsequent EZTwain activity to be logged, until EZTwain is unloaded or until a call to TWAIN_LogFile(0).
The log is written to the file c:\eztwain.log. If the root folder of the C drive is not writable, the log file is redirected to the TEMP folder. Use Start - Run - %TEMP% to open that folder.

If it is not practical to use the TWAIN_LogFile call: In the same folder as the Eztwain3.dll file used by your program, place this file:

It contains this one line:


This INI file is executed by EZTwain Pro when it initializes, and has the same effect as a call to TWAIN_LogFile(1).
Note that there may be multiple copies of Eztwain3.dll on a system! Make sure you find the one being used by your program.