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Old 01-24-2008, 09:18 PM
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Default Error - "Unable to open default TWAIN device"

Our application utilizes EZTwain so that users can scan their own documents into the program. It works very well, except for on a particular user's computer. When we first loaded our application onto their computer, EXTwain worked without complications. However, the harddrive on that computer had to be wiped due to a virus, and ever since then we receive the following message whenever we try to utilize EZTwain:

"Unable to open default TWAIN device"

The computer is loaded the exact same way it was before (WindowsXP, same scanner drivers), and we loaded the same version of our application onto the machine as well. The scanner works when using the scanning tool provided by the manufacturer. The other computers running our application on that network can utilize EZTwain without any issues. We even tried to take the scanner from a computer that did work, and load it onto the computer in question, and it still did not function. This seems to indicate that something is not set up correctly on that particular computer, but we're unsure of what could be wrong. Anyone have any ideas?

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Old 01-28-2008, 07:13 AM
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Hi Chris - Try digging our Twerp32.exe sample program out of the EZTwain Pro toolkit on a development machine - should be in Program Files\EZTwain\Release
Put on the problem machine and run it, then do Help - About. The About dialog will show all installed TWAIN devices, with the default device highlighted. If it's something simple, that will show it - driver not in the list, etc.

You can also do File - Select Source and if your scanner shows up in the list, select it and click [OK]. That *should* make it the default TWAIN device on the system. Try File - Acquire as a check - it should open that scanner's dialog.
-spike _/\_
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