Dear Mr. Spike,

As it was free of cost I think I have to express my thanks for Your EZTwain32 - Classic Twain Interface! After some time of try and error I got it working at last.

My problem was to do a scan without manual input at runtime controlled by a (MicrosoftWord) VBA- Program.

For the beginner your Classic Functions are not easily understood - not only because of TWAIN’s probably many details, but of its peculiar language. For example "Source Manager": nobody is told beforehand what that should be!

But I don't want to complain and rather give a little feedback.

Perhaps You want to know for what my TWAIN-controlled scans are used. In my case I wanted to scan some hundreds of sheets of paper automatically.
As I possess a HP Scanjet 4850 scanner without feeding device and as I have a HP deskjet 3550 printer I got the idea to use the printer as feeding mechanism.
The scanned paper is simply blown away by my vacuum cleaner.

All three devices are controlled by program; in the case of the vacuum cleaner with help of external hardware (sound card output + relay).

Altogether it was fun and I attach a short film of how it worked (I suppose Microsofts copy-window-animation had my vacuum cleaner in mind).

Thank You very much,
(T. Schotola)

Download the MPEG-4 video file