EZTwainX Removal

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To completely clean EZTwainX from a machine, for example to force the latest version to install from a web server, use the following procedures.

A. Remove EZTwainX installed by Dosadi EZTwainX Developer Kit

Method 1:

From the Start menu, go to All Programs - EZTwainX by Dosadi, and choose Uninstall EZTwainX.

Method 2:

On Windows 95/98/Me/2K/XP:

Open the Control Panel
Run Add or Remove Applications
Select EZTwainX, and click the Change/Remove button.

Under Windows Vista:

Open the Control Panel
Run Programs and Features
Select EZTwainX, right click and choose Uninstall

B. Remove EZTwainX auto-installed by Internet Explorer (from .cab file)

If you use Internet Explorer to view a web-page that embeds EZTwainX - for example, one of our demo pages - Internet Explorer may auto-install EZTwainX onto the computer. To remove EZTwainX that has been installed this way:

In Internet Explorer 7:

Go to Tools - Manage Add-ons
select Downloaded ActiveX Controls
select EZTwainX by Dosadi, and Delete it.

In Internet Explorer 6 and earlier:

Using the file explorer, navigate to \WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files
Find the EZTwainX control
Right-click and choose 'Remove'.

C. Manually Unregister EZTwainX

If you find that EZTwainX is still present on the computer, or you just want to be completely sure you've expunged it:

1. Search your system for EZTwainX.ocx
2. Start a DOS command box (Command Prompt)
3. At the command prompt do a "cd" to the directory containing EZTwainX.ocx
4. At the command prompt do: regsvr32 /u eztwainx.ocx - which should report success.

You can then delete the .ocx file and any EZ*.dlls that are present in the same folder. And, while it should not be necessary, you should repeat this for every copy of EZTwainX.ocx you find on the system.