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The way you create and use EZTwainX depends on your development tools and programming language.

ProgId Dosadi.EZTwainX
GUID 74F4F118-91E6-4AFC-B8D2-04066781F239
Friendly Name EZTwainX by Dosadi


Language/Environment How to Create EZTwainX
Visual Studio 2005

1. Open or create a form that will host the control.
2. From the Tools menu, choose Choose Toolbox Items...
(in VS 2003, this is Add/Remove Toolbox Items...)
3. Select the COM Components panel, find EZTwainX by Dosadi.
If EZTwainX does not appear in the list, use the [Browse] button to find EZTwainX.ocx in \Program Files\EZTwainX
4. Check the box next to EZTwainX.
5. OK the dialog. The EZTwainX control should appear in the Toolbox, under General.
6. Click the EZTwainX control: Now you can drag out its position on your form.
7. Set the design-time properties you want in the Properties panel.

Visual Basic 5 or 6

1. Open or create a form.
2. In the Forms editor, make sure EZTwainX is available in the control palette:
a. Choose Project - Components... , or right-click the tool palette and choose Components...
b. If EZTwainX by Dosadi is not listed in the Controls tab, go to the Insertable Objects tab, find Dosadi EZTwainX and select it.
c. If EZTwainX by Dosadi is not checked in the Controls tab, check it and OK the dialog.
d. EZTwainX should now appear in the controls palette.

3. In the control palette, select the EZTwainX control and add it to your form by clicking, or by dragging a rectangle.
4. Use the property editor to set the name of the control, and to set any fixed property values.
5. Add methods to your form to invoke methods of EZTwainX.
6. Add event handlers to your form to capture EZTwainX events.

Visual FoxPro 1. Install the EZTwainX control on the system, for example by installing the EZTwainX Toolkit. (See download links on EZTwainX page)
2. In VFP, go to Tools->Options, on the Options screen go to the Controls page, select ActiveX and scroll down through the list of ActiveX controls until you find the EZTwainX Scan Control. Place a checkmark next to it and click OK.
3. Create or open a form and on the Form Controls toolbar click the View Classes dropdown button (looks like library books) and select ActiveX Controls.
4. Select the button that is provided for EZTwainX and place an instance of it on your form.
5. Resize and position the control on your form.
6. Set the properties of the control, or add code to your form to call EZTwainX methods, or attach handlers to EZTwainX events.
7. Run the application and try it out.
Oracle Forms

Use OLE2.CREATE_OBJ('Dosadi.EZTwainX')

HTML on a web page

See our demo page. The basic code looks like this:

<object width=325 height=260
codebase="" <= replace with your server and path
standby="Loading EZTwainX">
Your browser cannot or will not activate this EZTwainX control.

Note: It is not a good idea to rely on our server for your codebase. Place a copy of on your own server and refer to it.