EZTwain Pro 3.0 - Using from Clarion

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The Clarion developers we have encountered are an exceptionally enthusiastic bunch, and they move at warp 6. For helping us bring EZTwain to the Clarion community, Dosadi thanks the following:

Carl Barnes (www.carlbarnes.com) who kicked this off and helped us translate our header file to Clarion,
Roel Abspoel, for his EZTwain quick-start Clarion template, and
Kevin B. Erskine (www.Software-by-Ragazzi.com) early adopter and thoughtful critic.

The EZTwain Pro Toolkit includes a file with all EZTwain functions and constants declared in Clarion.

The Toolkit is a free download, and will run for 30 days after first installation. For permanent licenses see the EZTwain Pro Licensing Page.

Please contact Dosadi technical support if you encounter any problems using EZTwain Pro 3. We are committed to resolving such problems promptly.