Acquire - Support

Note: We no longer sell new Acquire licenses.


Q: How do I use Acquire? What commands does it take?

A: See our Acquire usage and options page.


Q: Is my license for a single user or computer, or is it good for the entire department or company?

A: In the past, Dosadi sold both a single-machine license and a multi-user/redistribution license (MUL).
If your license is passed in as /key=number on the Acquire command line, you have a MUL.
If you enter your license code into the Unlock Key dialog displayed by Acquire - then you have a single-machine license.


Q: Can I license Acquire for redistribution, so my customers don't have to separately install/license/unlock Acquire?

A: Not any more, we have discontinued sales of Acquire licenses.
If you already have a Multi-User/Redistribution License, then the answer is Yes.


Q: Does Acquire support: GIF, PDF, TIFF, multi-page TIFF, or PNG?

A: Yes, all of the above, with some technical limitations in some formats. For example, GIF is not supported for 24-bit color, and you cannot scan and save 1-bit B&W images in JPEG format.