Acquire - Help - /text option


acquire ... /text:attr:attr...="some text"

This option causes Acquire to draw some text into each image, after scanning and before writing the image to file. By default, the text is written in plain black 12pt Arial at the bottom-left of the image.

Any number of attributes can be applied - see the Attributes table below.

Any special placeholders in your text will be replaced - see the Placeholders table below.

If you omit the ="text", Acquire uses "$file[$page] ($user) $date"

The text is placed relative to the edges of the image, with a 0.3 inch margin. That is, when we say the text is drawn at the "left edge" of the image, we mean 0.3in from the left edge.


acquire /text

acquire /text="scanned on $date by $user"

acquire /text:underline:times:0.2in:top:center:180="Document A00057732"

/Text Placeholders

This... Is Replaced With...
$date The date and time in a terse locale-appropriate format.
For example: 8/17/07 17:23:05
$file The name of the current output file, if one has been specified. 2.85
$page The page within the output file, numbered from 1. 2.85
$user The name of the logged-in user. 2.85
$utc The UTC date and time (also known as GMT) in a terse format.
Example: 08/21/07 01:55:19

Any number of attributes from the following table can be specified. If two attributes are in conflict (like top and bottom) the rightmost one wins.

/Text Attributes

 Attribute  Effect
bold Text is drawn in bold. 2.85
underline Text is drawn underlined. 2.85
italic Text is drawn italicized. 2.85
left Text is pushed to the left edge of the image. (default) 2.85
right Text is pushed to the right side of the image. 2.85
center Text is centered between the left and right sides of the image. 2.85
justify Text is justified to left and right sides of the image. 2.98
top Text is pushed to the top of the image. 2.85
bottom Text is pushed to the bottom of the image. (default) 2.85
vcenter or vc Text is vertically centered. 2.85
arial Arial font is used. (default) 2.85
times Times Roman font is used. 2.85
courier Courier (or Courier New) font is used. 2.85
l90 The text is rotated 90 degrees left (counter-clockwise). 2.85
r90 The text is rotated 90 degrees right (clockwise). 2.85
180 Text is rotated 180 degrees i.e. upside down. 2.85
normal Text is written without bold, italic, underline. (default) 2.85
wrap If the text will not fit, it is broken or 'wrapped' into multiple lines. 2.85
13.5pt Text height is set to 13.5 points (72 points = 1 inch) 2.85
0.4in Text height is set to 0.4 inches. 2.85
0.9cm Text height is set to 0.9cm 2.85
13mm Text height is set to 13mm 2.85