Acquire - Exampes

Acquire is a command-line utility (non-GUI program) for TWAIN scanning.
It provides many of the services of our EZTwain Pro library, in a convenient executable program.

Our customers use Acquire to quickly create a custom or semi-custom document management system that fits their unique needs and meshes with their existing software systems.

Prompt user to designate the default TWAIN device:

c:\>acquire /ss

Open the default TWAIN device and scan into a multipage PDF file:

c:\>acquire /n /pdf+ output.pdf

Using the default device, but without showing its dialog, scan everything in the feeder in B&W at 300 DPI 8.5" x 11", straightening each page, and write the document into a multipage PDF file in a folder named for the current user, incrementing the filename (invoice001.pdf) as needed to avoid overwriting any existing file.

c:\>acquire /noui /n /pdf+ /bw /r300 /paper=letter /deskew /ai c:\{u}\invoice001.pdf